Thursday, January 7, 2010

I hope all of you enjoyed the class yesterday.  Sorry for the bitter cold!!! I'm sure next week will be warmer.   

I want it to be fun. My whole goal is to get people painting and get over that fear of trying to do it perfectly each and every time.  Very few artist create a masterpiece every time they paint.  You just think they do because their mistakes are hidden deep in their closets and you NEVER see them.  Just think, some of you came in yesterday and said I haven't painted in years or I've never picked up a brush.  Now you can't say that any more.  You jumped in and did it.  Now you just have to keep working at it.  To me painting is such a stress reliever and if you let it, it can be for you too.  It's such a nice addition to life that makes it sweeter.  We are bombarded and overwhelmed with our daily lives of news 24/7, junk mail, schedules and such and to make time to paint just gives you a more balanced life.  And as you see, yesterday we went way over our class time before we knew it.  You can totally get lost in it and loose track of time (which can be good or bad).  Sometimes we need to set a timer.  Anyway...

Here are the photos of the still life from my class yesterday.  Many of you wanted me to post them so you could work on your paintings this week.  I took a photo from 3 different angles.  The first 2 photos are from the same angle but one I zoomed in more than the other.  Pick which one is the right angle for where you were sitting.  It would be great if you have a chance to work on it during the week but don't feel bad if you don't get to it.  But I've been getting emails from some of you that say you wanted these pictures up because you can't wait to get to paint on them today.  So, Paint Away!!!  If you like, choose another angle and try to repaint it on a different canvas.  Practice, practice, practice.

This one is from the middle of the room.

Same side just zoomed in more.

This is for those of you who were on the left side of the room.

This one is for those of you on the right side.

I will work on mine today and hopefully I will remember to take pictures as I go along.  Then I will post them during the week so you can see my progression in finishing the painting.  I may even start another canvas and paint it again.  Not because I don't like what I did,  Just to do it from a different angle or to make my objects larger or smaller.  Some paintings I have painted 4 different times.  Not that I didn't get the results I wanted but because It was just a little bit different take on the subject matter.  I ended up with 4 very different paintings.  Each of which I was very pleased with.  

So, most importantly don't get frustrated or give up.  Press on.  I think some of you might have had very high expectations of yourself yesterday.  Be patient.  Have fun with it.  And keep painting.  Next week it will move a little faster.  The first day is always difficult.  You have several people on different levels and everyone needs to sort out and situate things.  That takes time.  If you have a pallet that has a lid on it, you may want to put out your colors on it before you come to class.  That will save some time.  Now that you kind of know what to expect and what and how you need to do things, do as much of that before class and we can get moving quicker and get more accomplished next week.

Next week bring in your paintings and extra canvases.  We can work on them or if you would like to move on, I will have another still life set up and you can get to working on that.  If you have something that you would like to paint, bring it in and we will see if we can incorporate it into a still life or set one up just for you to do.  

Also, I'm sure you have thought of some questions since class was over.  Email them to me and I will make a list  and address them at the next class.

See you next week,


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