Friday, January 8, 2010

Here is the painting I did in the class on Wed.  I didn't really get to do a whole lot to it during class in trying to get around to everyone.  I finished it Thursday on my painting day.

When I looked at, immediately I didn't like all the white going on so I wanted to make the vase a more cream color. Of course, I printed out the photo of the still life to take with me for a reference and forgot to take it with me.  Soooo,  I just kind of winged it.  I know I wouldn't remember the exact pattern on the vase and position of the apples.  So I just tried to make what I had in front of me a painting that worked.

I started by making the background behind the apples darker to make them "pop" out more.  I lightened the plate a little so I could make the shadow darker underneath, yet not too light so I could still put a hint of a highlight on the top of it.  Its wood so the highlight on it won't be too intense.

I worked on making the vase more cream color worked on the fabric folds and shadows, and the pattern on the vase (this is where I just made it up).

I went ahead and put in the highlights on the apples and vase.  I thought these pictures were clearer than this when I took them.  Sorry.

I'm still not happy with the folds of the fabric.  I will probably work on this a little more.  I never did put in the leaves, which I may do later.  If I have time I am going to start another painting of this.
I just want to get across to everyone that you may need to give and take in the composition of the painting.  You can add to take away as you prefer.  Don't be a slave to the photo or set up in front of you.  Sometimes after you get the objects on your canvas it doesn't work as they did when you set up the still life.  This is the creative part.  Make Art.

Bring any paintings you may have started this week to our next class.  We'll have show and tell for just a bit if you like.

See you then,


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