Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What a weekend!  This was my first attempt at true plein air painting.  I recently joined the Plein Air Austin group.  We go to Austin a couple times a month anyway so I decided to join and go out with them as much as possible.  This was a little bridge in the middle of the down town Austin area that we met at.  It was beautiful.  You don't really see it from the street as you drive by and would never know it was there.
There was a homeless man on the other side of this wall.  He looked perfectly content.  I think this is where I would chose to be if I were homeless.

This was my attempt at painting the bridge.  You could tell the others were experts at this.  I stayed toward the back of the group so they couldn't tell what an amateur I was.  At one point I was going to move my easel across the creek to get a different view.  A rock I stepped on moved and my foot went into the water I finally caught myself and saved the easel and paint box from going into the water.  I know I looked like" Lucy" trying to paint.  Anyway we had a very good time.  It was fun, peaceful and educational.

I started another one while I was there but everyone started packing things up and I didn't want to be the only one there so I took a few pictures and I'll finish it first chance I get and show it to you.  (If it turns out O.K.)

Well, my cows aren't pigs anymore but my husband said they are starting to look like horses.  So I've got a little more work to do on them.

Till next time.