Saturday, January 16, 2010

Here are the beginning steps of my still life we started in class.  I forgot my printed out reference photo (again) and forgot my camera this time.  So I took the pictures with my iphone.  Don't know what kind of quality they will turn out to be.

This is where I left off in class.

I darkened the background, worked on putting some colors into the garlic so it will stand out from the pot and cloth.  I went over the grapes with a little more color.  I think I may even make them more of a red burgundy color before I finish.  I put in some of the draped fabric of the background.  I will put in a blurred pattern on it later.

Close up of the colors I put into the garlic.

I'm thinking I may add another apple to the mix.  Not sure yet.

OK, got to get to painting the rest of it.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Here are the photos of the still life we worked on yesterday.  Try to work on them during the week.

I will work on mine today and post the different steps so you can see them.  Get to painting!