Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today we focused on painting glass.
Yes, there is a lot of fruit in this one but I made it easier with no folds in the fabric this time.

We started by blocking in where you want the top of the fruit to come on your painting then the bottom of the platter where the fruit sit, then where the bottom of the stem of the platter sits and so on.  Don't paint in the glass platter yet.  you want to place the fruit where you want it. Some of you may have more or less fruit in your painting than what was actually in the still life.  That's OK.  It all depends on the positioning and the size you sketched out your fruit to be.  So, just use these pictures as a guide for how the fruit surfaces look in color and texture not necessarily to copy the picture exactly.

I took a picture of the beads up close however, it didn't have a dark background behind them and that will cause them to look different.  I will take another picture of them with dark behind them and post them separately.

Be working on this during the week and bring it into class next Wednesday.  We will be doing more work on it to perfect our master pieces.

I will be posting the progress on mine as well.

Till next time.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I wanted to say thank you to  for sending us the panels for our class.  Everyone has enjoyed them and they are great for transporting back and forth to classes.

Here is the still life from the last class.  Some of you wanted to attempt painting glass.  Go for it and see if you can capture the reflections of the glass and the background coming through.  What you want to do is put in the background color first and the block in where you want the top and bottom of vase to be and position of the rose.  You don't want to paint in the exact shape of the vase, only the highlights and reflections you see on it.  If you are wanting to work on this technique, let me know and I'll go over it.

What beautiful masterpieces!!!

I think Carrita is just about done with hers.
One of the hardest things to do is to know when your done with a painting.
Carrita, put down the brush and walk away from the painting.  (It's beautiful girl, frame it)

Deborah, is laying in the final details of her masterpiece.

That's all for now,  more photos next post.