Monday, January 18, 2010

Here is the painting I was talking about that I felt coming on.  I wanted to do a larger version of the one we did in class and add a few other elements to the composition.

I just started it.  What I did is tone it with a gold metallic gesso.  Let it dry.
I placed the objects on my canvas. and started to block in the darks.

Next I started putting in some of the colors.  I like to start with the red of the apples to get things going.  It makes the painting exciting.

I'm going to put in the wooden plate that we used on the last painting.  Also, I'm going to change the grapes to green.  I think it would complement the red apples better.  In the next photo, I have put in the design of the teapot and all of the gold areas that you see is what I "scratched" out.  Since the under painting of the canvas was gold.  I took a bamboo stick and rub out tool ( I'll show you in the next class) and scratched out the areas of the metal handle, the edges of the teapot trimmed in gold and I added leaves and vines so I scratched out them too.  This gives it a little different look to it.  But I'm not finished.

Here are some close ups

Here is where I left off.  I'm going to go back where I "scratched" out and put a glaze(with liquin) on some of the areas and make the vines and leaves more like vines and leaves.  But you have to to the scratching out on the first session while its wet. I also went ahead and signed it by scratching out even though I'm not done with it yet.

I didn't put in the fabric background this time. I may still put it in, not sure.  I'm kind of liking the whimsical swirls of the vines and leaves though.  I just might leave them alone.  We'll see.

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